What can I do about climate change?

If you’re like us, you probably find yourself despairingly staring at the news, feeling completely helpless. After all, what can you do to help?!

Fear not! That’s what this website is all about.

We are primarily a directory that focuses on business and organisations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, but we also include useful online shops, simply because right now online shops are our lifeline!

We’re also going to post a series of blog posts with some ideas about things you can do at a personal level about climate change.

There’s a lot of debate out there about whether or not individual actions make a difference. Well we think they do! But it’s certainly true that there are some things you can do that will have a bigger impact than others.

So in this series of semi-regular blog posts, we’re going to discuss the big and little changes you can make that will have an impact on the planet and your lifestyle.

The main mantra is: reduce, reuse and recycle. If you follow those words, you won’t go far wrong. But we’ll put in some other tips while we’re at it.

But… we’re bound to get things wrong sometimes! We’re running this website in our free time, and we are definitely not experts. Just people who have gained some insight and experience over the years. We’re all on a low-carbon journey, so if you think we’ve missed something out or made a mistake, please let us know!

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